Common questions about LiveWorkFit:

What is the structure of the retreat?

We create enough structure for you to land with your feet on the ground ready to go. After this, nothing is compulsory but there will be events created – like goal setting meetings, masterminds, group meals, group activities – but if you want to do something else thats fine. There will also be breakout groups of people who want to train together, work together, at certain times or in certain places, but again, nothing is compulsory.

Are there any rules?

How you spend your time on LiveWorkFit is up to you. Everything is optional. If you want to work somewhere else, have a day off, organise a weekend away, then no-one will tell you otherwise. However the idea is that we are all coming together to work on our various businesses and goals, to learn and connect with one another, and to all improve as a group. If you don’t spend time with the group, you may not benefit.

Who can join the retreat?

If you are an online entrepreneur running your own business and can work exclusively on your laptop, then you can join our retreat.

Do I have to be fit to join the retreat?

Absolutely not. Beginners through to experts are welcome. Everyone can go at their own pace, and activities will be inclusive.

What is the accommodations like?

This is different for each retreat. You will be staying in either villas, houses, apartments or hotels, and always in your own private room. You will always have WiFi access.

What things will I have to pay for?

Unless stated otherwise in the trip details, you need to pay for:

Food & Drinks – What you eat and drink is up to you.

Flights – We’ll pick you up from the airport (or other port). For booking cheap flights we recommend Kiwi.

Insurance – We recommend you have insurance to cover you. We recommend World Nomads.

Spending Money – For additional days or nights out, shopping or organising your own excursions.

Will I have to share a room?

Only if you want to!¬†You’re an entrepreneur, not a backpacker, so we don’t dorms and never make you share.

Can I bring my partner?

Of course, a sharing supplement payment is outlined on each trip.

Can I share a room with a friend?

Yes, a sharing supplement payment is outlined on each trip.

Are your trips just bro’s?

No, in no way are we a “Bro’s club” and the organiser, James, is the least bro a bro can be.

Can I organise my own accommodation?

Maybe, contact us to see if it fits.

Can I come for 2 weeks instead of a month?

Maybe, contact us to see if it fits.

Can I bring pets or children?

LiveWorkFit is not currently set up to accommodate pets or children.

Do you book my flights?

No, we meet you at the local Airport (or ports) and return you a month later

Why is LiveWorkFit so cheap?

Quite simply, this isn’t being run for profit. Unlike other organisations that are trying to takes wages or get investment, LiveWorkFit is purely about community and putting amazing entrepreneurs next to each other. When people come together and buy as a group, you shouldn’t be paying more, you should be paying less. We think thats the right way to be running this. Whats more, as a business program, LiveWorkFit is probably tax deductible from your accounts as a business expense.

When do I have to make balance payment?

Your balance of the trip is payable 30 days before it commences.

Are my payments refundable?

Your deposit is not refundable unless in extreme circumstances. Your balance payment is 100% refundable 30 days from event commencing, after this, we can only return unused portions of the balance that havent been used for bookings. We will try to work with Other Providers to get money back if you need to cancel. If the trip is cancelled by LiveWorkFit for any reason, you will get 100% refund. If there are ways we can resell your spot, or get a full refund from suppliers, we will pass this on to you. We aim for transparency. Got a question? Talk to use for clarification.

Is there an age limit?


What things are not included in the price?

Unless otherwise stated, your flights/travel to and from the destination (we pick up/drop off at the airport), your food and drink during the stay (unless specified, and we have weekly group meals covered as part of the package), your travel insurance (highly recommended), and your spending money (as we cover a weekly excursion, you might not need much!).

Do you have any vacancies? Can I work for you?

No. We don’t have any vacancies and we do not welcome unsolicited job applications

We want to partner with you

Lets talk – contact us.

Got another question? Contact us.