After travelling and working as a location independent entrepreneur for a few years, we realised how important it is to surround yourself with people who are on similar journeys.

Being in a place like Chiang Mai, or Medellin, or Lisbon, or wherever the location independent vibe is strong, throws you in to a melting point of entrepreneurial minds, and gives you perspectives and knowledge that you simply couldn’t get anywhere else.

We looked at some existing trips and nomad-focused journeys to see if they could help – but many of the packages or retreats out there seemed suited to teaching the basics, ran by people who haven’t ever run a business before, run purely for profits, were low quality offerings with shared rooms, or seemed to be all about partying.

We wanted something suited to quality entrepreneurs, something that wasn’t outrageously priced, something that didn’t require quarterly or year long commitment, and would allow members to get the best out of the areas they visited, while getting the best from themselves and each other. The solution is LiveWorkFit.

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